Belt Promotions, April 28, 2010

The following belt promotions were announced at the Almonte Judo Club annual awards night, held Wednesday April 28, 2010 at the Almonte Curling Lounge;

Katherine Best                   White/Yellow stripe

Madison Georgeadis       Yellow Belt

Kody Hall                             Yellow Belt

Ashdon Howlett                Yellow Belt

Samuel McBeath               Yellow Belt

Sydney O’Toole                  White/Yellow stripe

Teigan O’Toole                   White/Yellow stripe

Jake Peixoto                       White/Yellow stripe

Claire Ruttan                      White/Yellow stripe

Aiden Tompkins               White/Yellow stripe

Noah Tompkins                White/Yellow stripe

Owen Wilson                      Yellow Belt

Ben Church                         Orange Belt

Matthew Church               Orange Belt

Kaylee Demers                  Yellow/Orange stripe

Ava de Pater                       Orange Belt

Ben Howlett                        Orange Belt

Castin Howlett                   Yellow/Orange stripe

Sebastian Kadoke-Scantlebury      Orange Belt

Eric Leidecker                   Orange Belt

Liam Mansfield                 Orange Belt

Emilie Rose McBeath     Yellow/Orange stripe

Calum Reside                     Orange Belt

Roger Weldon                    Orange Belt

Devon Georgeadis           Orange/Green stripe

Emily Kadoke-Scantlebury           Green Belt

Bram Karp                          Green Belt

Melody Patten                  Green Belt

Amanda Reside                Green Belt

Sam Gervais                       Green/Blue stripe

Mike Howlett                     Blue Belt

Finn O’Brien                       Blue Belt

Sarah Reside                      Blue Belt

Dylan de Pater                  Blue/Brown stripe

Pippa O’Brien                     Blue/Brown stripe


Congratulations to everyone!!!!

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