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Fall session of Judo begins Wednesday, Sept 4, 2013 !!!

Welcome to our new Season !

Junior Registration commences at 6:30PM followed by class from 6:45 – 8:00PM, then every Wed PM to end of April (ages 5-12)

Senior Registration commences at 8:00PM followed by class from 8:05 – 9:30PM, then every Wed PM to end of April (teens and adults)

We are accepting new members of all ages (5 and above), male and female! You need not be an athlete – we will help develop your body and mind as you learn the martial art and Olympic Sport of judo. More than 100 million people in over 200 countries practice the sport – second only to soccer in world-wide popularity!! As an Olympic sport, track and field is the only discipline with more participating countries than judo – thus the large number of flag bearers being of judo origin.

Come experience a tradition within Almonte and follow literally thousands who have trained at the Almonte Judo Club since 1968.

We will be happy to meet you, and we trust the ensuing relationship will be a positive one. We offer unlimited FREE trial classes, and our membership rates are quite affordable. Apart from a modest registration fee, there are no other hidden costs, and we do not undertake fundraising of any kind. Promotions, gradings, belts are all included in your registration fee.

Our location remains the Upper Hall of the Almonte Community Centre. Enjoy ample secure and paved parking, clean and modern facilities, certified instructors and a Club atmosphere which befits ‘Almonte the Friendly Town’.

Contact Gord MacDonald via this website, or directly at Your inquiries will be dealt with promptly.

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