Year-end Awards Night, April 27, 2016

Family and friends gathered Wednesday April 27 in the Almonte Arena Hall to celebrate the accomplishments of Almonte Judo Club members over the 2015-16 season.

    Certificates of progress

Casey Gayton
Max Ibarra
Pascal Marshall
Thomas More
Sylas St.Dennis
Ella Villeneuve

A large number of

    belt promotions

were announced including;

To White/Yellow stripe:

Keaton Allison Bourne
George Clattenburg
Jayden Goodwin
Getson Hall
Tait Jaynes
Benoit Labonte
Ben Ladouceur
Erwin Marshall

To Yellow Belt:

Darius Bilshausen
Rowen Bilshausen
Samuel Blum
Ben Clattenburg
Abel Hollinger
Vicky Lafortune
Marley St.Dennis
Rory St.Dennis
Ayla Stevens
Emma Stevens
Erika Toop
Phoenix Torck
Bill Treusch

To Yellow/Orange stripe:

Elowyn Rodriguez

To Orange Belt:

Caitlyn Burke
Liam Burke
Dan Lafortune
Lucas Lafortune
Myles Thompson
Will Thompson
Joe Watters

To Orange/Green stripe:

Abby Thompson

To Green Belt:

Kathryn Hawkins
Max Hemsley
Brendan Nichols
Drake Nichols
Curtis Villeneuve

To Green/Blue stripe:

Duncan Robertson

To Blue Belt:

Ashdon Howlett
Castin Howlett

A total of 20 Club members (current blue, brown and black belts) were not graded at this time.

Congratulations to All !!!

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