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Judo Club performs demonstrations at Naismith Public School in Almonte

A total of 15 Almonte Judo Club members participated in judo demonstrations at Naismith School on Wednesday, May 2, 2018. Everyone had a blast, and would gladly perform elsewhere if called upon to do so !!

Twelve of the participants were students of Naismith School including, Bodhi Barringer, Indiana Barringer, Paxton Barringer, Tait Jaynes, Ben Ladouceur, Lucas Lafortune, Luke Ibrahim, Marlise Ibrahim, Luka Rizk, Ella Villeneuve, Clementine Weir, and Griffin Weir.

Pictured below are 10 of the 12 students along with Dan Lafortune, Meghan Ladouceur (Club Instructor), and Gord MacDonald, (Head Instructor).

Demo #3 to Grades 5 and 6

Thanks to everyone for participating, and thanks to the teachers and Principal of Naismith School for allowing us to entertain the students.

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