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Year-End Awards Night, Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Family and friends gathered Wednesday, April 25 2018 in the Almonte Arena Hall to celebrate the accomplishments of Almonte Judo Club members over the 2017-18 season. Our 50th year of continuous operation being recognized and celebrated made the season extra special.

Certificates of Progress to under age judoka (6 members) were awarded to:

Indiana Barringer
Daniel Fitzsimon
Shandi Gayton
Murray Guthrie
Neva McIntyre
Maeva Neilz-Reid

Promotions in belt rank were as follows;

    To White-Yellow Striped Belt (10 members)

Connor Edmondson
Ana-Sofia Fitzsimon
Keira Guthrie
Tavis Hargreaves
Theo Hashimoto
Allan Lytle
Ben Lytle
Max Mould
Simon Neilz-Reid
Charlie Pratt

    To Yellow Belt (14 members)

Bodhi Barringer
Paxton Barringer
Tyler Dalton
Chris Hashimoto
Ronin Hashimoto
Luke Ibrahim
Pascal Marshall
Sophia Newton
Max Nicholson
Ivan Sorokowsky
Sylas St. Dennis
Mike Watters
Griffin Weir
Isabelle Whitaker

    To Yellow-Orange Striped Belt (9 members)

Keaton Allison Bourne
Casey Gayton
Marlise Ibrahim
Ben Ladouceur
Erwin Marshall
Marjorie Mennie
Luka Rizk
Ella Villeneuve
Clementine Weir

    To Orange Belt (6 members)

Matthew Burke
Getson Hall
Tait Jaynes
Mason Spinks
Rory St. Dennis
Johnathan Stroud

    To Orange-Green Striped Belt (2 members)

Caitlyn Burke
Joe Watters

    To Green Belt (5 members)

Isabelle Georgeadis
Lucas Lafortune
Myles Thompson
Bill Treusch
Ruby Watters

    To Green-Blue Striped Belt (1 member)

Liam Lafortune

    To Blue Belt (5 members)

Kathryn Hawkins
Max Hemsley
Dan Lafortune
Brendan Nichols
Drake Nichols

New 'Blue' Belts

    To Blue-Brown Striped Belt (1 member)

Ashdon Howlett

    To Brown Belt (2 members)

Devon Georgeadis
Ben Howlett

In total we had 6 students receive ‘Certificates of Progress’, and 55 students receive belt promotions, for a total of 61 recognized. In addition, we have several blue, brown, and black belt members who continue to train and work toward their next belt/Dan level. We congratulate all of them on a successful season as well !!

A number of students achieved perfect attendance over the past season and were recognized with certificates, as follows:

    1st Year Perfect Attendance

Connor Edmondson
Daniel Fitzsimon
Getson Hall
Curtis Villeneuve

    2nd Year Perfect Attendance

Bodhi Barringer
Paxton Barringer
Casey Gayton
Dan Lafortune
Clementine Weir

    5th Year Perfect Attendance

Devon Georgeadis

    23 Years Perfect Attendance

Gord MacDonald (Head Instructor)

Congratulations to all certificate recipients for their dedication and perseverance throughout the year(s) !!

The annual ‘Sensei Award’ for the student(s) who best display the attributes of ‘Confidence, Fitness, Fairness and Discipline’ was awarded to Ivan Sorokowsky of our Junior Class, and Chris Hashimoto of our Senior class. Congratulations to both students on an exemplary year of judo.

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