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Dec 1, 2018 Takahashi Ne-Waza Event

The Almonte Judo Club had 13 Junior members compete at Takahashi Dojo in Ottawa, Saturday Dec 1, 2018.

Club members included;

Bodhi Barringer
Paxton Barringer
Tyler Dalton
Connor Edmondson
Ana-Sofia Fitzsimon
Casey Gayton
Tavis Hargreaves
Tait Jaynes
Ben Ladouceur
Erwin Marshall
Pascal Marshall
Charlie Pratt
Ivan Sorokowsky

This was the first ne-waza tournament for Ana-Sofia, Erwin and Pascal. All others had experienced either one or two ne-waza events previous.

Congratulations to all competitors on a fine showing !!

As always, competitors were placed on one of six teams comprised of 10 athletes each. Team success was measured by the number of wins and ties, and team members were awarded individual medals as follows;

Bodhi Barriner Gold Medal

Ben Ladouceur Silver Medal
Tavis Hargreaves Silver Medal
Tyler Dalton Silver Medal

Erwin Marshall Bronze Medal
Pascal Marshall Bronze Medal
Connor Edmondson Bronze Medal
Tait Jaynes Bronze Medal

Another awesome day for athletes, coaches, referees and spectators !!!

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