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We are one of Almonte's longest standing recreational group, operating out of the Almonte Arena. Our club consists of young and old and is run by long-time Judo enthusiast, Gord MacDonald. The Almonte Judo Club welcomes all ages to our mats... for a great way to keep fit, have fun and compete.

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Year-end Awards Night, April 29, 2015

Family and friends gathered Wednesday April 29 in the Almonte Arena Hall to celebrate the accomplishments of Almonte Judo Club members over the 2014-15 season.

A large number of belt promotions were announced including;

To White/Yellow stripe:

Ben Clattenburg
George Clattenburg
Alexia Francoeur
Ben Ladouceur
Marley St.Dennis
Rory St.Dennis
Erika Toop

To Yellow Belt:

Elowyn Rodriguez

To Yellow/Orange stripe:

Caitlyn Burke
Liam Burke
Matthew Gagliano
Sarina Geisser
Dan Lafortune
Lucas Lafortune
Willow Marwood
Brody St.Dennis
Myles Thompson
Will Thompson
Joe Watters
Kathryn Whitaker

To Orange Belt:

William Francoeur
Isabelle Georgeadis
Liam Lafortune
Fern Marwood
Rebecca Robertson
Abhy Thompson
Ruby Watters

To Orange/Green stripe:

Kathryn Hawkins
Max Hemsley
Brendan Nichols
Curtis Villeneuve
Ryan Vinogradov

To Green Belt:

Duncan Robertson

To Green/Blue stripe:

Ashdon Howlett
Castin Howlett

To Blue Belt:

Ben Howlett

To Brown Belt:

Matthew Church
Sebastian Kadoke-Scantlebury

Congratulations everyone !!

Results from East Region Tournament, May 2, 2015

An East Region Judo Ontario tournament was held Saturday May 2, 2015 at the Munster Elementary School. Almonte competitor results were as follows;

Liam Burke – Bronze Medal
Max Hemsley – Silver Medal
Ashdon Howlett – Gold Medal
Ben Howlett – Gold Medal
Castin Howlett – Silver Medal
Fern Marwood – Silver Medal
Willow Marwood – Bronze Medal
Duncan Robertson – no competitors
Joe Watters – Bronze Medal
Ruby Watters – no competitors

Congratulations to all athletes on a great day of competition !!

A big thanks to all the volunteers and family members who helped make the tournament a success.

Almonte athletes shine at Gatineau Judo Tournament

Almonte athletes descended on CEGEP college in Gatineau on Sunday, February 22, 2015 for their annual Judo tournament. A great day was had by all participants, and many came home with medals for their efforts. Congratulations to everyone who competed, and to Brendan Nichols and Meghan Ladouceur for attending with intentions of competing. Unfortunately neither Brendan nor Meghan had competitors registered in their category.

A big thanks also to all family members and friends who were able to attend and cheer on our athletes.

Front Row, left to right; Ava Allison Bourne (Beckwith/Almonte), Ruby Watters, Willow Marwood, Michael Levis (Munster/Almonte)

Back Row, left to right; Fern Marwood, Dan Lafortune, Castin Howlett, Joe Watters (on shoulders), Sensei Gord MacDonald, Duncan Robertson

Promotions to Yellow Belt !!

Congratulations to the following Almonte Judo Club members, all recipients of their yellow belt on Wednesday, December 2, 2014;

Caitlyn Burke

Liam Burke

Brody St.Dennis

Well done !!!

Still accepting new members in Fall Judo Program !!!

Come check us out any Wednesday evening in the Upper Hall of the Almonte Arena. We are in the Hall between roughly 6:30PM and 9:30PM to answer any questions you may have, or simply observe or join in a class in progress. Juniors (5-12 yrs) occupy the mat surface between 6:45 and 8:00PM, and Seniors (13+) afterward.

It’s fun, safe, and very affordable. Do what thousands of residents during our 47 years in the Community have done – a martial art, a means of self-defence, and an Olympic Sport!! Come alone, or bring a friend – you will not be disappointed.

New Judo Season starts September 3, 2014 !!!!

The 47th season of judo in Almonte will begin Wednesday, September 3, 2014. We will enjoy the same great training location (upper Hall of the Almonte Arena), an Olympic calibre practice surface, the same Wednesday evening schedule from September through April, and a talented group of devoted Instructors. As always, we expect a large number of returning members, and will entertain new members as well.

In anyone has any questions about the judo program and the benefits it provides, contact Gord MacDonald at 613-256-2180, email at gordalmonte@hotmail.com, or ‘contact us’ via the website. Either way, I will be happy to answer your questions.

Whether you are seeking a martial art for your child or yourself, or simply a fun sport and a great workout – we have it all. We remain very affordable (typically less than $200 per season!!!) and this includes new belts, an annual Christmas party, a year-end Awards Night, a March Break ‘Bring a Friend’ night, and much more. We cover your Judo Ontario membership costs whether you opt for competitive or remain ‘recreational’ in scope. We do not engage in fundraising – in other words, there are no hidden costs or obligations.

Join your friends, neighbours and like-minded individuals as we engage in a martial art, an Olympic Sport, a means of self-defense, and camaraderie that will keep you coming out. Are you in ?????????????

Lycee Claudel (Ottawa) Judo Tournament Results

Lycee Claudel was host Club to a tournament held Saturday, June 1 2014. The tournament was attended by more than 100 athletes from 10 different Clubs.

Almonte Judo Club was represented by 5 competitors with results as follows;

U14 Male Lightweight Duncan Robertson Gold Medal

U14 Male Lightmiddleweight Ashdon Howlett Silver Medal

U14 Male Middleweight Castin Howlett Silver Medal

U14 Male Lightheavyweight Ben Howlett Gold Medal

U18 Male -60kg Qualifier Division Devon Georgeadis Bronze Medal

Congratulations to all, and Best of Luck to Devon Georgeadis in possible selection to the East Region Team for the Ontario Summer Games to be held in Windsor, Ontario in August 2014.

April 30, 2014 Awards Night

The Annual Awards Night was held Wednesday, April 30, 2014 in the Upper Hall of the Almonte Arena.

Promotions in Belt Rank were as follows;

to White/Yellow striped Belt;

Caitlyn Burke
Liam Burke
Logan Duckworth
Gabriel Ramonal
Quinn Ramonal
Brody St.Dennis

to Yellow Belt;

Matthew Gagliano
Liam Lafortune
Lucas Lafortune
Tommy MacAskill
Fern Marwood
Willow Marwood
Ethan Mullen
Myles Thompson
Will Thompson
Joe Watters
Ruby Watters
Jackson Weldon
Kathryn Whitaker

to Yellow/Orange striped Belt;

William Francoeur
Isabelle Georgeadis
Rebecca Robertson
Abby Thompson

to Orange Belt;

Jacob Duckworth
Tyson Gill
Kat Hawkins
Max Hemsley
Brendan Nichols
Drake Nichols
Curtis Villeneuve
Ryan Vinogradov

to Orange/Green striped Belt;

Duncan Robertson
Claire Ruttan

to Green Belt;

Castin Howlett

to Green/Blue striped Belt;

Ben Howlett

to Blue Belt;

Devon Georgeadis

to Blue/Brown striped Belt;

Matthew Church

to Brown Belt;

Rob Ladouceur
Finn O’Brien

Perfect Attendance Certificates were awarded to the following students;

Logan Duckworth (1st year Perfect Attendance)
Myles Thompson (1st year Perfect Attendance)
Ryan Vinogradov (1st year Perfect Attendance)
Joe Watters (1st year Perfect Attendance)

Max Hemsley (2nd year Perfect Attendance)

Gord MacDonald (19th year Perfect Attendance)


Liam Lafortune Winner, 2014 Perseverance Award

Isabelle Georgeadis Winner, 2014 Most Improved Award

Joe Watters Winner, 2014 Spirit Award

Finn O’Brien Winner, 2014 Competitor of the Year Award

Ruby Watters Winner, 2014 Sensei Award

Congratulations to everyone on another great season.

The 2014 Summer Session begins June 1, 2014 and our regular season commences early September, 2014.

January Registration

Yes, we are accepting new members !!! The winter/spring term begins Wednesday January 8 and wraps up Wednesday April 30. Come join the fun. Learn a martial art, a means of self defense, an olympic sport, and so much more.

Any questions, email gordalmonte@hotmail.com or call 613-256-2180 and ask for Gord.

Fall session of Judo begins Wednesday, Sept 4, 2013 !!!

Welcome to our new Season !

Junior Registration commences at 6:30PM followed by class from 6:45 – 8:00PM, then every Wed PM to end of April (ages 5-12)

Senior Registration commences at 8:00PM followed by class from 8:05 – 9:30PM, then every Wed PM to end of April (teens and adults)

We are accepting new members of all ages (5 and above), male and female! You need not be an athlete – we will help develop your body and mind as you learn the martial art and Olympic Sport of judo. More than 100 million people in over 200 countries practice the sport – second only to soccer in world-wide popularity!! As an Olympic sport, track and field is the only discipline with more participating countries than judo – thus the large number of flag bearers being of judo origin.

Come experience a tradition within Almonte and follow literally thousands who have trained at the Almonte Judo Club since 1968.

We will be happy to meet you, and we trust the ensuing relationship will be a positive one. We offer unlimited FREE trial classes, and our membership rates are quite affordable. Apart from a modest registration fee, there are no other hidden costs, and we do not undertake fundraising of any kind. Promotions, gradings, belts are all included in your registration fee.

Our location remains the Upper Hall of the Almonte Community Centre. Enjoy ample secure and paved parking, clean and modern facilities, certified instructors and a Club atmosphere which befits ‘Almonte the Friendly Town’.

Contact Gord MacDonald via this website, or directly at gordalmonte@hotmail.com. Your inquiries will be dealt with promptly.