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Welcome to the Almonte Judo Club's Official Web site

We are one of Almonte's longest standing recreational group, operating out of the Almonte Arena. Our club consists of young and old and is run by long-time Judo enthusiast, Gord MacDonald. The Almonte Judo Club welcomes all ages to our mats... for a great way to keep fit, have fun and compete.

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Belt Promotions

In recognition of successful competition at the recent tournament held in Gatineau and continual improvement within the Club, the following belt promotions were announced Wednesday evening Feb 6, 2013;

Andrew Brown-Smith from Yellow Belt, to Yellow/Orange stripe

Ashdon Howlett from Orange Belt, to Orange/Green stripe

Ben Howlett from Orange Belt, to Orange/Green stripe

Congratulations to all three members on their promotions!!

Gatineau Tournament Results

A team of five Almonte Judo Club members competed in a tournament held in Gatineau, Sunday January 27, 2013. Andrew Brown-Smith took Gold in the U11 category in his first tournament experience! Veteran competitor Ben Howlett went undefeated in U13 boys, also earning Gold for his efforts. Younger brother Ashdon Howlett had several excellent contests and fought hard throughout the day but was unable to finish on the podium. In Senior Men’s competition, Matthew Church captured Bronze in the middle-weight category, and Phillip McNeely took Bronze in the light-weight division. All in all a very successful day and all competitors should be proud of their successes!

Front Row: (left to right) Andrew Brown-Smith, Ben Howlett, Ashdon Howlett

Back Row: (left to right) Phillip McNeely, Matthew Church

Andrew Brown-Smith (left) after receiving Gold Medal

Funding required for local Judo Olympian – Nick Tritton

To : Club Members
Associated Commercial enterprises
Website Followers, Judo Enthusiasts, Proud Canadians!!!

As you will read below, Nick has represented Canada on the world stage for some time now, most notably in the -73kg mens judo competition both in Beijing (2008 Olympics) and London (2012 Olympics). The Almonte Judo Club has always been a proud supporter of Nick and has contributed financially along the way. We would like to do more, in fact, I’m certain many of our readers would as well. Nick’s story is compelling, and his athletic feats and fighting spirit warrant the respect and financial support now more than ever. If you are interested in supporting Nick, or simply learning more about his story, I encourage you to speak with his father Mark at the phone number listed below. Mark has been with Nick every step along the way, and has always kept Nick true to his roots in the East Region of Judo Ontario where it all began in the 1990′s. If you or your organization are able to lend the type of support Nick is seeking, you will help fill a huge void caused by the cessation of sport-sponsored funding.

You know you want to – why else are you here !!!

It’s not too late to join the current session – in fact it’s never too late!!

Simply show up at the dojo (practice hall) any Wednesday evening. We are located in the Upper Hall of the Almonte Arena complex, 182 Bridge Street in Almonte. Juniors (5-12 yrs) practice between 6:45PM and 8:00PM, while Seniors (13 yrs +) practice from 8:00PM to 9:30PM. No prior experience is necessary, and the Club is well balanced between males and females of all ages. Judo is a martial art without striking (no kicks or punches). All members learn to fall safely before being introduced to either judo takedowns or holddowns. The Japanese language and traditions are largely adhered to throughout all practice sessions. Come see what we’re about, take in as many FREE practice sessions as you see fit, and immerse yourself in one of the greatest sport offerings Almonte has to offer – going back to our origin in 1968 !!

Almonte Judo Club at Mississippi Mills at a Glance

See us at MM at a Glance, or come upstairs and view a class in progress, or both!!! Our first class begins at 6:45PM and we will be conducting our second class as MM at a Glance concludes at 9PM. Stay for a minute, stay for an hour – enjoy the comfortable seating area upstairs and a warm greeting! If you are unable to join Sept 5 – no worries, we’ll catch up with you the following week Sept 12, same place and time. (6:45 PM Upstairs Hall of Almonte Arena) JUDO INFO : 613-256-2180 Gord or Val

Olympic Bronze !!!

Congratulations to Antoine Valois-Fortier (-81kg) on earning a Bronze medal in Olympic competition at the London 2012 Games! Antoine is looking very much like a young Nicolas Gill, Canada’s most decorated judo Olympian. Gill himself last won Silver at the 2000 Games in Sydney, Australia. Looking forward to seeing what our Team can do in Rio, 2016.

45th Season just over one month away !!!!!

The 45th season of the Almonte Judo Club begins Wednesday, September 5, 2012. Only 5 years until the ‘BIG’ celebration, but that does not mean we do not have cause to celebrate 45 years. This season promises to be an exciting one, and we hope you can join us to share in the fun and excitement! Fall judo begins just weeks after the current summer session ends. If you did not take part in the summer session, or are new to the sport, not to worry – we’ll ease into the new season. If you or your children have never participated in a martial art (and Olympic Sport !!!) there is no better time to join. Canada hopes to place one or more athletes on the podium in judo – stay tuned ……

2012 Year-End Belt Promotions and Awards

2012 Trophy Winners

Left to Right; Amy Thompson – Peer Award, Duncan Robertson – Spirit Award, Jacob Duckworth – Sensei Award, Rob Ladouceur – Sensei Award, Ava de Pater – Most Improved Award


Class of 2012

The 2011-12 Annual Awards Night was held at the Almonte Community Centre Hall, Wednesday, April 25 2012 in front of a capacity audience.

A number of personal accomplishments were recognized including certificates for those achieving Perfect Attendance throughout the course of the season, trophies to recognize various proficiencies, and new belts to recognize progression in the sport.

    Perfect Attendance Certificates

were awarded to the following members;

Andrew Brown-Smith 1st year
Devan Burns 1st year
Kaylee Demers 1st year
Evie McDonald 1st year
Amy Thompson 1st year
Emma Wilson 1st year
Sebastian Kadoke-Scantlebury 2nd year
Claire Ruttan 2nd year
Owen Wilson 3rd year
(Sensei) Gord MacDonald 17th year

    Belt Promotions


White-Yellow striped Belt:

Isabelle Georgeadis
Nick Scribner
Tessa Scribner
Abby Thompson

Yellow Belt:

Andrew Brown-Smith
Jacob Duckworth
Tyson Gill
Jade Hooper
Duncan Robertson
Rebecca Robertson
Amy Thompson
Harry Tromans
Ryan Vinogradov

Yellow-Orange striped Belt:
Molly Carson
Evie McDonald
Jake Peixoto
Claire Ruttan
Jessica Spinks
Emma Wilson

Orange Belt:
Devan Burns
Ashdon Howlett

Orange-Green striped Belt:
Kaylee Demers
Kody Hall
Owen Wilson

Green Belt:
Roger Weldon

Blue Belt:
Ben Church
Matthew Church
Sebastian Kadoke-Scantlebury
Rob Ladouceur

Blue-Brown striped Belt:
Sarah Reside

Brown Belt:
Dylan de Pater

2012 Ontario Winter Games

Ava de Pater, Matthew Church, and Devon Georgeadis

(Left) Athletes from the Almonte Judo Club represented the East Region Judo Team at the Ontario Winter Games held mid-March in Collingwood, Ontario. Our athletes brought home two bronze medals, in addition to the team earning a bronze out of 6 competing teams from across the province. A great time was had by all !!!

East Region Team pose with individual medals after the Games

Summer Judo 2012

Hello everyone,

Further to my email of March 4, this notice is to remind everyone of the upcoming Summer Judo session, June 3 through August 19, 2012. Classes will be held each Sunday morning (long weekends excluded) from 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM, at 10 Houston Drive, Almonte.

Summer Judo was initiated in June 2006 in response to club member interest in having judo extend beyond April of each year. So, here it is for the SEVENTH consecutive year !!!

This offer is available to all students provided they can endure a full 2 hour workout! We normally begin each class with an outdoor run (weather permitting) then enjoy the remainder of the class indoors in the air conditioned premises of the TaeKwon Do building which we rent. The outdoor run is fun and safe, and is normally broken into two groups based on age and running ability. The dojo is equipped with lots of neat and fun equipment to keep the classes interesting. Classes are designed to challenge students of all levels, reinforce what is taught throughout the regular season, introduce new concepts and techniques, maintain/improve fitness levels, and provide all important mat-time. When September arrives, summer judo students have a clear advantage over those who have not participated.

The estimated cost of the 10 week session is $30 per student. This assumes we have approx. 20 students sign-up – which I expect we will. Our Sunday morning class is normally comprised of male and female students of all ages and belt levels – there is a partner for everyone!

Dates are as follows;

1. June 3
2. June 10
3. June 17 (Father’s Day)
4. June 24
5. July 8
6. July 15
7. July 22
8. July 29
9. Aug 12
10. Aug 19

I will have a sign-up poster at the dojo starting this week. You are welcome to add your name to the list if it is not already there. I have taken the liberty to add a few names based on earlier responses received.

In terms of payment ….. we’ll see what the level of interest is, then set a firm price based on the number of participants. I will begin collecting money the week of April 11, and all payments will be due no later than April 18.

If you/your child are interested, you may email your response to me or simply add your name to the list displayed at the dojo. If anyone has any further questions regarding the program please feel free to contact me.