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New Promotions

A number of rank promotions were announced during an awards ceremony held Wednesday, April 27, 2011 at the Almonte Arena.

The following Club members received new belts;

Devan Burns                                     Yellow Belt

Molly Carson                                    Yellow Belt

Darren Fergusson                           White/Yellow Belt

Denby Fergusson                            White/Yellow Belt

Aaron Francis                                  Yellow Belt

Tyson Gill                                           White/Yellow Belt

Joshua Hansen-Robitschek             Yellow Belt

Evie McDonald                                Yellow Belt

Jake Peixoto                                     Yellow Belt

Claire Ruttan                                    Yellow Belt

Jessica Spinks                                  Yellow Belt

Ryan Vinogradov                           White/Yellow Belt

Emma Wilson                                   Yellow Belt

Kaylee Demers                                 Orange Belt

Madison Georgeadis                     Yellow/Orange Belt

Kody Hall                                           Orange Belt

Ashdon Howlett                              Yellow/Orange Belt

Castin Howlett                                 Orange Belt

Owen Wilson                                     Orange Belt

Ben Church                                       Green Belt

Matthew Church                            Green Belt

Ava de Pater                                    Green Belt

Devon Georgeadis                         Green Belt

Sebastian Kadoke-Scantlebury              Green Belt

Bram Karp                                         Green/Blue Belt

Melody Patten                                 Green/Blue Belt

Pippa O’Brien                                    Brown Belt

Congratulations to everyone who received a promotion !!! At least two students will be evaluated during the upcoming summer session, so stay tuned for possible additional promotions …….

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