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Summer Programs/Events

Summer Judo 2012 – 7th consecutive summer !!!

Hello everyone,

Further to my email of March 4, this notice is to remind everyone of the upcoming Summer Judo session, June 3 through August 19, 2012. Classes will be held each Sunday morning (long weekends excluded) from 9:30 AM – 11:30 AM, at 10 Houston Drive, Almonte.

Summer Judo was initiated in June 2006 in response to club member interest in having judo extend beyond April of each year. So, here it is for the SEVENTH consecutive year !!!

This offer is available to all students provided they can endure a full 2 hour workout! We normally begin each class with an outdoor run (weather permitting) then enjoy the remainder of the class indoors in the air conditioned premises of the TaeKwon Do building which we rent. The outdoor run is fun and safe, and is normally broken into two groups based on age and running ability. The dojo is equipped with lots of neat and fun equipment to keep the classes interesting. Classes are designed to challenge students of all levels, reinforce what is taught throughout the regular season, introduce new concepts and techniques, maintain/improve fitness levels, and provide all important mat-time. When September arrives, summer judo students have a clear advantage over those who have not participated.

The estimated cost of the 10 week session is $30 per student. This assumes we have approx. 20 students sign-up – which I expect we will. Our Sunday morning class is normally comprised of male and female students of all ages and belt levels – there is a partner for everyone!

Dates are as follows;

1. June 3
2. June 10
3. June 17 (Father’s Day)
4. June 24
5. July 8
6. July 15
7. July 22
8. July 29
9. Aug 12
10. Aug 19

I will have a sign-up poster at the dojo starting this week. You are welcome to add your name to the list if it is not already there. I have taken the liberty to add a few names based on earlier responses received.

In terms of payment ….. we’ll see what the level of interest is, then set a firm price based on the number of participants. I will begin collecting money the week of April 11, and all payments will be due no later than April 18.

If you/your child are interested, you may email your response to me or simply add your name to the list displayed at the dojo. If anyone has any further questions regarding the program please feel free to contact me.

Hello Judokas,

The summer schedule for 2011 is comprised of 10 two hour Sunday morning classes. Classes run from 9:30 – 11:30 AM and are held at Almonte Tae-Kwon Do, 10 Houston Drive – adjacent to Waterford Tea Room, and just one small block from Tim Hortons, Equator Coffee, and Patrice’s Independent Grocers.

Here are the dates;

Sunday June 5

Sunday June 12

Sunday June 19

Sunday June 26

(long weekend off)

Sunday July 10

Sunday July 17

Sunday July 24

(long weekend off)

Sunday August 7

Sunday August 14

Sunday August 21

Sunday August 28 (make-up class)

A large number of people have signed up. I hope to see ALL of you there as often as possible !!!

Summer 2010

No sweat

No sweat





Tentative schedule for Summer 2010 is as follows;

Sunday morning, 9:30 – 11:30 AM

10 week session, no classes on long weekends

10 participants ———-> $60 per person

12 participants ———-> $50 per person

15 participants ———-> $40 per person        so let’s hope for maximum participation!!!!

Session Dates:

1. June 6, 2010

2. June 13, 2010

3. June 20, 2010 (Fathers Day …. but that’s OK)

4. June 27

5. July 11

6. July 18

7. July 25

8. August 8

9. August 15

10. August 22

Contact Gord MacDonald ( or 613-256-2180 to confirm, or for more info.

Summer 2009

It’s never too early to start thinking summer! (Spring is a few days away)I am planning an 8 week Sunday morning session over the summer months. This will be our 4th consecutive summer of judo training. Former and current participants will tell you it as a fun and challenging experience. The session starts in early June and ends in late August, with a few weeks off for long weekends and a summer vacation. I expect the total rental cost to be $480 ($30/hr X 2 hrs X 8 weeks), so your cost would be $48 for the full session if we can get 10 members signed up. The cost increases to $60 per person if we have only 8 members, and rises to $80 per person if we only secure 6 members. I would really like a minimum of at least 8 members since there will be weeks when several people may be away on vacations.

This is a great opportunity to keep your judo skills sharp during the ‘off season’, and enjoy some good old fashioned fun such as running outside, frisbee warmup, etc etc. Students will practice basic skills, and be exposed to countless standing and ground techniques. This offer is open to all ages, and all belt levels. The facility itself (Tae Kwon Do dojang at 10 Houston Drive, Almonte) is fully equipped and air conditioned, with the mandatory Timmy’s nearby. In addition, there is an adjacent Tea Room for parents/families to enjoy a wonderful breakfast. You can’t ask for more !!

The proposed dates (yet to be confirmed) are as follows;

1. Sun June 7, 9:30 – 11:30 AM

2. Sun June 14

3. Sun June 28

4. Sun July 19

5. Sun July 26

6. Sun Aug 9

7. Sun Aug 16

8. Sun Aug 23

 If we have sufficient interest I will collect funds in April based on the number of participants.

 Please advise as early as possible if you are interested, and if anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. (email, or 613-256-2180 and ask for Gord or Val)