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April 24, 2013 Awards Night

The 45th Annual Awards Night and Party was held in the Upper Hall of the Almonte Community Centre, Wednesday, April 24, 2013. Over 125 members and guests enjoyed a fantastic evening of entertainment followed by Awards and an ‘Ice-Cream’ party.

During the Awards portion of the evening the following promotions were announced, and Club members were presented with their new belts;

to White/Yellow striped Belt;

Ethan Mullen
Jackson Weldon

to Yellow Belt;

William Francoeur
Isabelle Georgeadis
Kat Hawkins
Anne Hemsley
Max Hemsley
Brendan Nichols
Drake Nichols
Nick Scribner
Tessa Scribner
Abby Thompson
Curtis Villeneuve
Elizabeth Whitaker

to Yellow/Orange striped Belt;

Jacob Duckworth
Tyson Gill
Harry Tromans
Ryan Vinogradov

to Orange Belt;

Andrew Brown-Smith
Madison Georgeadis
Evie McDonald
Duncan Robertson
Claire Ruttan
Amy Thompson
Emma Wilson

to Orange/Green striped Belt;

Devan Burns
Castin Howlett

to Green Belt;

Kaylee Demers
Kody Hall
Ashdon Howlett
Ben Howlett
Ryan Neville
Owen Wilson

to Green/Blue striped Belt;

Ava de Pater
Devon Georgeadis

to Blue Belt;

Emily Kadoke-Scantlebury
Amanda Reside

to Blue/Brown striped Belt;

Finn O’Brien

    Perfect Attendance Certificates

were awarded to the following students;

Jacob Duckworth 1st year Perfect Attendance
Tyson Gill 1st year Perfect Attendance
Max Hemsley 1st year Perfect Attendance
Duncan Robertson 1st year Perfect Attendance

Evie McDonald 2nd year Perfect Attendance

Sebastian Kadoke-Scantlebury 3rd year Perfect Attendance

(Sensei) Gord MacDonald 18th year Perfect Attendance


recognizing individual proficiency in one or more areas were presented to;

Devon Georgeadis 2013 Peer Award Winner (as chosen by his peers)

Max Hemsley 2013 Spirit Award Winner
Curtis Villeneuve 2013 Spirit Award Winner

Kat Hawkins 2013 Sensei Award Winner
Ryan Neville 2013 Sensei Award Winner

Left to Right; Kat Hawkins (Sensei Award Winner), Max Hemsley (Spirit), Curtis Villeneuve (Spirit), Devon Georgeadis (Peer), Ryan Neville (Sensei Award Winner)

Sensei Gord would like to thank all Club members, assistant instructors, and parents for their support throughout the 2012-13 season! We will have a tremendous Club base upon entering our 46th season in September. As always, keep an eye out for friends, neighbours, family members who may be interested in joining our Club as new white belts, or returning colour belts. Judo is a ‘Way of Life’ – do not be left behind!

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