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April 30, 2014 Awards Night

The Annual Awards Night was held Wednesday, April 30, 2014 in the Upper Hall of the Almonte Arena.

Promotions in Belt Rank were as follows;

to White/Yellow striped Belt;

Caitlyn Burke
Liam Burke
Logan Duckworth
Gabriel Ramonal
Quinn Ramonal
Brody St.Dennis

to Yellow Belt;

Matthew Gagliano
Liam Lafortune
Lucas Lafortune
Tommy MacAskill
Fern Marwood
Willow Marwood
Ethan Mullen
Myles Thompson
Will Thompson
Joe Watters
Ruby Watters
Jackson Weldon
Kathryn Whitaker

to Yellow/Orange striped Belt;

William Francoeur
Isabelle Georgeadis
Rebecca Robertson
Abby Thompson

to Orange Belt;

Jacob Duckworth
Tyson Gill
Kat Hawkins
Max Hemsley
Brendan Nichols
Drake Nichols
Curtis Villeneuve
Ryan Vinogradov

to Orange/Green striped Belt;

Duncan Robertson
Claire Ruttan

to Green Belt;

Castin Howlett

to Green/Blue striped Belt;

Ben Howlett

to Blue Belt;

Devon Georgeadis

to Blue/Brown striped Belt;

Matthew Church

to Brown Belt;

Rob Ladouceur
Finn O’Brien

Perfect Attendance Certificates were awarded to the following students;

Logan Duckworth (1st year Perfect Attendance)
Myles Thompson (1st year Perfect Attendance)
Ryan Vinogradov (1st year Perfect Attendance)
Joe Watters (1st year Perfect Attendance)

Max Hemsley (2nd year Perfect Attendance)

Gord MacDonald (19th year Perfect Attendance)


Liam Lafortune Winner, 2014 Perseverance Award

Isabelle Georgeadis Winner, 2014 Most Improved Award

Joe Watters Winner, 2014 Spirit Award

Finn O’Brien Winner, 2014 Competitor of the Year Award

Ruby Watters Winner, 2014 Sensei Award

Congratulations to everyone on another great season.

The 2014 Summer Session begins June 1, 2014 and our regular season commences early September, 2014.

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