‘Why I LOVE Judo’ contest, Valentines Day 2018

As Judo class coincided with Valentine’s Day, we thought it appropriate to hold a contest of written submissions on ‘Why I LOVE Judo’. Students were given 4 weeks notice to put together a short paragraph or page explaining what they loved about the sport of judo, and the Almonte Judo Club.

The contest was open to those between the ages of 5 and 14, and we received a total of 24 entries !!! The students put a lot of thought and effort into the friendly competition – with small cash prizes on the line !! 1st place winners were presented with $25, 2nd place $15, 3rd place $5, and all entrants walked away with at least $2 for their efforts !!

Junior Division Winners

1st Place Charlie Pratt

2nd Place Pascal Marshall

3rd Place Bodhi Barringer

3rd Place Daniel Fitzsimon

Intermediate Division Winners

1st Place Clementine Weir

2nd Place Marjorie Mennie

3rd Place Erwin Marshall

3rd Place Marlise Ibrahim

A big thanks to all for the time and effort they put into their entries – they were all awesome. The quality of submissions made it very difficult for the panel of judges (Club Instructors) to select the winners !!!

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