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Pandemic, and Lockdown

Fortunately we enjoyed an uninterrupted 15 week Fall session, September through December 2020 !! Membership remains at an all-time high, and all safety protocols are in place to meet the most stringent Covid guidelines and restrictions.

From Sept 1 through December 12 we conducted modified classes within the parameters of the ‘Green Zone’. On December 13 we entered the ‘Yellow Zone’ and made appropriate changes to meet the new guidelines imposed. Operations ceased temporarily on Dec 26 when the Province imposed a complete lockdown – ‘Grey Zone’.

While we remain in the ‘Grey Zone’, steady improvements are being made to the dojo in anticipation of the re-opening. At this time, we are hoping for a re-opening on Monday January 25 2021. Of course this will be dependent upon how well the Province responds to the lockdown vis a vis reduction in new cases.

At this time we will continue to accept new members to the extent we are able to accommodate. Feel free to contact Gord MacDonald at 613-256-2180, or email at Also refer to our FB page for general information regarding our program. Thank you for your continued support !!!

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